Facility Usage

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General Information

Fees & Rates

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General Guidelines

  1. No dates shall be guaranteed without a one hundred dollar ($100) non-refundable deposit, and half of the total cost for rental. The exception, is a single Conference/Meeting Room rental, where twenty-five dollar ($25) refund will be issued after the rental date.

  2. Conquerors Church facilities are rented in four (4) hour blocks.

  3. A one hundred dollar ($100) fee will be added for each additional hour of rental 

  4. Sound system usage is included in the rental costs.

  5. NO cooking is allowed on premises

  6. The Church’s maximum liability under this contract shall be the refund of sums paid by the Renter.

  7. The Renter and the Church shall abide the attached Contract Rules.  Violation of Rules will result in immediate termination of facility use and forfeiture of all fees and deposits.

Termination of Event

If the church determines that the renter is engaged in a willful, egregious act of violation of any of the rules of use, the Church may terminate the event before the end of the rental period, retain the security deposit and all paid fees, and suspend the Renter’s privilege to rent church facilities again.

Rental Contract Rules

  1. The individual signing the Rental Agreement is responsible for reading and signing this contract prior to the event.  All arrangements for use and all payments should be made through the online payment system.

  2. You may decorate tastefully, in consultation with the Special Events Coordinator. All areas should be left in an orderly condition.

  3. All countertops, sinks, and appliances shall be wiped clean.  The Kitchenetee area should be broom clean. Please do not use any Church consumables.

  4. There will be NO alcoholic beverages or smoking in the church facilities or on church grounds.

  5. Any beverage or food spilled on the ground or carpeting is to be cared for properly.  Should specialty cleaning be required, this will be an additional charge of two hundred dollars ($200).

  6. All food and decorations are to be removed by the party or responsible persons BEFORE leaving the premises.  All trash should be removed to the dumpster.

  7. The person signing the Rental Agreement is hereby the responsible party for any damages to the church property and/or equipment.

  8. Only rooms reserved and paid for in advance are allowed to be used.

  9. Fees are to be paid IN FULL 10 days prior to the date of the event.

Release of Liability

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Signed & Dated

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